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We offer an array of communications services, from residential through business ISDN 30, VoIP and hosted services. 
As standard we offer cheaper line rentals, huge discounts on calls, tier 1 lines only and UK based support. With a seamless transition from your current suppliers it’s never been easier to switch.

In the past many of the charges that telecoms providers issued were genuine but now, technology has moved on to the point where many of these fees are non-existent. However, big companies keep charging them, because they can.
When you phoned a friend in the early days, an operator would connect your call for you. Now, this doesn’t happen but you may still be charged a call connection fee (not by us).
Of course, many companies are so expensive because they employ lots of sales teams to get customers on board and that means paying out plenty of commission. You could also find that in reality, your high call costs are subsidising that so-called ‘free’ TV deal.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a telephone system that is run via Internet connection rather than traditional phone lines.
New technology and improvements in broadband connections means that VOIP is now readily available and can save you money. 
Not geographically bound – any area code can be ported or added to the phone.
Never miss a call by adding a call divert APP to your Smartphone.
Perfect for connecting multiple locations.
Predictable monthly operating expense.
Incredible, reliable service.
Fantastic call quality. 

Our hosted systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Potential issues are rectified quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and costs.

The VOIP system brings huge benefits for multi-site businesses, as well as remote workers, who can call from anywhere around the world with an Internet connection. 

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